Chapter Five

(a shorter session)


The Heroes Diverted

Some time passed, then. The destruction left by the First Sign was repaired, and those who had been killed were laid to rest. A memorial to the dead was erected where the meteor had landed. Slowly, wounds began to heal.

We were contacted by Miral, the Mirin we had saved from the Rajans. He met us at a tavern and again I acted as translator for the party. He thanked us all again for his release, and asked us if we could help him again. He was on a mission from his queen, but due to his capture and severe injuries, he found himself unable to complete it.

Since there was nothing new on the Rajan/Tanasian trouble and the next Sign not yet imminent, we agreed. All we had to do was go claim the ancient sword that had been left in the care of a Sindaran collector in the city of Nankar.

We traveled there, and found that the sword had been stolen. The Sindaran collector, Na’Bu, told us that his information was that it had been taken to some place in the Wilderlands of Zaran, and marked the place on a map for us (for a fee.)

And so once again we set out to travel, this time we left the relatively safe environs of the Seven Kingdoms and into the no-man’s land of Zaran. I knew, however, that the trials that lay before us would help shape my party into the great heroes who would save the world on the fateful day of the Seventh Sign.

– End Session Five –

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